Photographic Rabbit Holes
Asia, North America, and Beyond...

Hannah Pierce-Carlson

Hannah is an educator and photographer who has worked and travelled by bicycle (and any means necessary) across Asia, Europe, and North America.She is currently a worldschooling mother, and her main projects revolve around raising and educating her children, organizing extensive family travels, and documenting their lives outside the concept of schooling.She is available for worldschooling and photographic/video collaborations.

Based in the Northeast Kingdom, Vermont, USA

Selected Works:
Everyone Leaves with Something Nice- images of working and traveling across the Southern United States
Lu Hui Tou - 'deer looking back,' a year of living in China and cycling in its most rural Southwestern provinces.
酸酸甜甜 Suān suān tián tián - 'sour sour sweet sweet,' a year of living and cycling in the central Taiwanese countryside
Meridian Dredging - a photographic poem about clogged life in the exurbs of Beijing, China
Tiger Tail - a photographic poem about a unique township in rural Taiwan, named, Tiger Tail, or 虎尾 Hǔwěi
Sò Lông - 'ark shell' - photographic essay about life in a Saigon neighborhood
I Came Home - landscapes of a stay-at-home mother
Selected Group Exhibitions:2010, Suan Suan Tian Tian, Format Festival, Derby, UK
2013, Foreign and Domestic: Hannah Pierce-Carlson and Mark Powell Alor, Columbus University, Georgia, USA
Selected Bibliography:2009, La Pura Vida Journal, interview and selected images
2010, IN.SIGHT: Writings on Photography
2012, Venture Magazine, Sunning the Baby, Saigon
2013, Vice.com, Hannah Pierce-Carlson and the Line between the East and West
2014, Whileseated, “Foreign & Domestic” —photographs from Mark Alor Powell and Hannah Pierce-Carlson, written and curated by Michael David Murphy
Essays and Talks:
2009, "On Not Being Able to Put Your Finger On It" essay with insig.ht
2009, "Starting New Chapters: Taiwan" essay with insig.ht
2012, Kuala Lumpur, Cycling China to Malaysia: Stories and Images

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