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Here is an ongoing series of male friends that I've collected in various places at home in the U.S. and in my travels.

To me, this series speaks to the exchange of friendliness and good or neutral intent between myself and them; and I like to think this flies in the face of the expectation of having fear of the opposite sex in a context of walking about in the world as a single female. Instead, there is only an exchange of interest, a sincere interaction of opposites. I'm female, you are male. I'm single, you are a pair. I'm the photographer, you are the subject. I'm not from here, this is your place. orleans 750.jpg

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA 750.jpg

Dallas, Texas, USA 750_v2.jpg

Huwei Township, Taiwan 750.jpg

Kashgar, Xinjiang Province, China 750.jpg

Huanian Village Factory,
Yunnan Province, China boy 750.jpg

Highway 13, Northern Laos 750.jpg

Highway 13, Southern Laos 750.jpg

Huwei Township, Taiwan 750.jpg

Jakarta, Indonesia