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Thank you for coming. I'm so happy you are here.

I have always been driven to live the most interesting, boldest life possible, convinced that this was the truest way to make the most fascinating art for myself. For six years, I lived and worked in education and management in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. I did well to both finance my foreign experience and build an extensive series of photographic essays. I have travelled by bicycle all over the world as a single female and with my husband.

I'm influenced by documentary film and other visual arts; but, primary I draw my aesthetic energy from music, specifically, world folk pop. I attribute the lyric empathy of my human subjects and the colorful vibrance of my landscapes of things to my musical heart. As of 2014, I live in Tucson, Arizona with my husband and son.

My photos have been published online, in print magazines, and hung on gallery walls. I'm grateful for all and ready for more. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy!

A few links to my work elsewhere...


2014 "Foreign and Domestic photo works from Mark Alor Powell & Hannah Pierce-Carlson, curated by Michael David Murphy- Illges Gallery - Columbus State University, March 12 - April 19, 2014"

2013 VICE photo blog UK feature: "Hannah Pierce-Carlson and the Line Between East and West"

2011 Very long interview at La Pura Vida Magazine

Issue #3 Everywhere is Nowhere.pdf

2010 My Taiwan work exhibited at the 2010 Format International Photography Festival